Over 50 Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance Search No Exam

guaranteed issue term life
insurance search for smokers over 50 no exam

Why do we need to search for LIFE INSURANCE over the age of 50?

Many older people in the usa end up without enough life insurance, just at the right time when it is harder to obtain coverage because of age, life style habits, or health conditions. Some had purchased large term policies while these were in their working years, but those policies had expired. The idea was to obtain a huge amount of coverage while children needed support and mortgage loans still would have to be paid. Following the term, they might have less financial commitments because mortgage loans would be paid for and their children would be all grown up. Or perhaps they had guaranteed issue life insurance through work, plus they retired, became jobless or changed jobs.

guaranteed issue term life insurance search online

But in some way cost savings had not been accumulated enough to meet their present obligations and life style. Maybe the mortgage did not get paid off as soon as planned or children did not become self sufficient and move out as soon as the parents had planned for. Or maybe the elderly just understood the tax benefits of passing on their house to beneficiaries by way of a guaranteed issue life insurance plan. And of course, if the formerly insurance person is somebody in a charity or trust that they want to leave to an individual beyond the family, or even to one family member, they could have become aware that a life insurance plan is a superb way to invest in a buy-out contract!

Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance Search

Whatever they confronted, somehow they end up older aged or, with outstanding obligations, and without life insurance. Now, because of health issues and age group, it will be more challenging to search for an affordable life insurance plan. However, because this circumstance is common, and because many life insurance companies like mature clients, it won’t be impossible in any way, you may not even have to take a health or medical exam!

over 50 guaranteed issue term life insurance search

Many factors get into the price of life insurance including health, smoking, life style. All things however being identical, it will cost more to insure a sixty year old than a thirty year old. However, everything is not identical always. Nowadays credit is a factor that insurance firms consider, and mature people are more likely to have a long history of financial responsibility. Also, even though the mature person has a need for guaranteed issue life insurance still, they might be able to settle for a smaller value than they needed at thirty years old. Of course, underwriting will be simpler for a smaller amount of life insurance protection, and since life insurance is purchased by the amount of coverage, the premiums can still be kept affordable. Get you life insurance quote today..
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SEARCH for Senior Friendly Companies

If you’re over 50, or if you are a more youthful mature with a ongoing health condition, search for a life insurance insurance policy that is geared towards your needs. A skilled life insurance company or life insurance agent, who is a specialist of your sort of case, can search your options. But do not quit because you do have options! It’s likely you have to settle for a lower end value of coverage, and you’ll may need to obtain a guaranteed issue whole life insurance plan rather than a term life insurance package. Permanent life insurance policies have their advantages too however, given that they do build-up a cash value, and will never expire as long as the monthly premiums are paid!

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